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If you refuse to get dragged into the rat race for the next 10, 20, or 30 years - or you’re just looking to earn some extra cash flow - keep reading. We're here to help you.

My name is Matt Rhodes. My brother John and I have been able to work and live independently for the last 12 years, earning millions of dollars in sales using a simple high-income skill that has enabled us to earn extra cash every month.

I have been fortunate enough to pay off all my debt - over $20,000 worth - purchase a nice home, vacation liberally, and spend all the time I ever dreamed with my wife.

This didn’t happen for us overnight. We struggled figuring everything out at first.

We were only able to change our fortune after we discovered...

THe hidden truth For Earning More Cash Flow

It took a lot of headache, but after years of trial-and-error, we discovered that there was only one skill that really mattered online.

This single, simple high-income skill is absolutely critical to collecting self-made cash flow. It is simple, but it is a skill you may have never heard of, because few people know this special skill even exists.

Even if you have a product or service that completely flops, you can still tap into this skill to generate an instant surge of cash flow on command, without fail.

Many aspirational startups and eager entrepreneurs try to start their business without using this skill. If you fail to tap into it, you're going to waste your time and money, doing the wrong things, at the wrong time, in the wrong places.

The fastest way to earn self-made income is to tap into the #1 High-Income Skill.

When we tapped into this very simple skill, we were able to sell $100,656.13 worth of short mobile phone produced videos (sold for just $7 each) in barely over 2 months. 

This is one, single high-income stream of many. This one income stream has earned us $100,000's more since then, and it continues to grow passively for us. It was all built in our part-time.

We cannot guarantee you will get these same results, of course. We can tell you is that this #1 High-Income Skill has made a life-changing difference in our lives.

You don't need "tech skills" to tap into this #1 High-Income Skill. If you can read and write, you can use it to build your own streams of cash flow on command, no matter whether you are age 8 or age 80.

Have You Been Struggling to get started?

If you've been struggling up until now, it's not your fault.

Many who try to go into business for themselves flounder, simply because they don't know this simple skill. It's not obvious. A lot of beginners in their early stages feel they are "missing something."

This is it. It took us years to stumble upon it.

That's because they work very hard to keep it quiet. This high-income skill is not something business schools or self-made CEOs are willing to teach, because they don't want their competitors to tap into it and turn it against them.

It offers you a distinct advantage, and when you use it, you are virtually guaranteed success - even if you're starting at zero. 

Why We Are Offering This To You For ONLY $2.95

There are 3 reasons why John and I are making this available to you for just $2.95.

REASON #1: We operate in a wide variety of industries and we don't reveal some of our businesses publicly, so we don't need to worry about competition.

REASON #2:We know that tapping into this #1 skill is genuinely life-changing, and we don't want the price tag to hold back those who need it most.

REASON #3:We know that if we change your life with what we share today, there's a good chance you will offer us the opportunity to do business with you in the future.

It's a win/win. To get instant access to what we have to share with you, click the button below to download UNLOCK THE #1 HIGH-INCOME SKILL for $2.95 right now.

With the #1 HIGH-INCOME skill, you Join An elite club

Tap into this #1 High-Income Skill, and you can generate cash flow with ease using simple methods that we walk you through in our easy-to-follow report.

Once you know this special skill, you immediately become part of an elite club. You'll start to understand that money and cash flow is plentiful and generated at will.

Wealth is genuinely limitless for the people who understand how "the game" is played. You'll come to that realization immediately when you see the endless number of ways for you to use this #1 High-Income Skill to secure fast cash flow.

We want you to be able to take advantage of this newfound skill as quickly as possible. That's why we're proud to invite you to our elite club today when you place your order to instantly download your copy of UNLOCK THE #1 HIGH-INCOME SKILL.

When you place your order for only $2.95 today, you'll become a VIP Member in the High-Income Alliance completely free for 30 days, a $97 per month value.

Inside the High-Income Alliance...

You can't put a price tag on unlocking the #1 High-Income Skill and being able to connect with millionaires like you do inside the High-Income Alliance. You get to be a "fly on the wall" while they discuss what they do to earn $1,000's per day, and how they also get other people to do the work for them so they can be fully "hands off."

No Previous Experience Required

We remember what it's like to start out from scratch and have no previous experience. We remember how quickly things changed for us when we tapped into the #1 High-Income Skill and started paying the high-ticket prices required to connect with millionaires and seeing what they do differently than everyone else.

We also remember that it's impossible to conceive of spending $10,000's to connect with millionaires when you only have $1,000's in your bank account. We don't want you to risk financial stress like we did when we initially "made the jump" ourselves.

That's why, exclusively on this page, you are able to join us inside the High-Income Alliance completely for free for 30 days when you download your copy of Unlock the #1 High-Income Skill for only $2.95.

Your purchase is the most direct path for you to connect with the Self-Made Entrepreneurs and Millionaires that we know, and for you to see how they use the #1 High-Income Skill for themselves... without you needing to invest your life savings to meet them like most regular people off the street do.

As part of the special arrangement that we have with these High-Income Alliance partners, we are not able to publicly advertise their names to non-members.

While some have been featured on TV shows or other media programs, many of these millionaires prefer to remain underground and relatively anonymous. But you'll find all of them very helpful - because they all remember what it's like to get started from scratch, and recognize motivated partners when they see them.

We know that what you are getting today will change everything for you. We're so confident in our ability to help you establish cash flow for your own business that...


There's a reason that 88% of millionaires are self-made. Once you know how to Unlock the #1 High-Income Skill, it becomes so much simpler and easy for you to generate revenue for yourself at command.

That's why we fully insure your no-risk purchase with our world class 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the revenue you generate after you read Unlock the #1 High-Income Skill and step behind the curtain of the High-Income Alliance, just let our support desk know within 30 days.

If you aren't completely thrilled for any reason, we insist that you send a ticket to our support team and demand an immediate refund of your $2.95 purchase. We only want happy members and partners to be a part of our tight-knit community.

We're happy to answer questions and provide guidance to help our members grow your business any time. See our full refund policy here.

Click here to contact our Concierge to help you any time you need it, 24/7.

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What Happens After You Complete Your Purchase

After you enroll and complete your $2.95 purchase, you will immediately be redirected to the download page for "UNLOCK THE #1 HIGH-INCOME SKILL."You will also receive an e-mail receipt with your download link and your free 30 day invitation to join us inside the High-Income Alliance for easy reference any time.

Once you join us inside, we'll contact you immediately to give you Priority VIP Access to your first High-Income Millionaire Event, so we can help you 1-to-1.

PLEASE NOTE: This special discounted price is available exclusively on this page. Please do not share it publicly. Our broadcast streaming software limits the number of live attendees we can host at once, so we need to restrict access to these events.

Our events are live, so you can interact and ask questions. But if you can't attend our events live, we are often able to share a recording with you so that you can stream the event on demand right to your computer or phone.

In addition, all of our events are...

100% Beginner-Friendly

The most common question we get is...

“Will the #1 High-Income Skill work for a complete beginner?”

The answer is an absolute, resounding yes. This High-Income Skill works wonders for complete beginners.

It works for students worldwide, in virtually any country on earth. If you have access to the Internet, you can take the #1 High-Income Skill to the bank.

If you’re a beginner who is just getting started building your business, we envy you. That means you’re not tainted by the bad advice that so many of our partners and clients have gotten from self-proclaimed “experts.”

There has never been a better time to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available right now. Remember, if you discover that it’s not right for you for any reason, you’re completely protected by our 30 Day Revenue Generation Money Back Guarantee.

We’re taking all the risk. If you aren't completely satisfied with the amount of revenue the #1 High-Income Skill brings you, just let us know and you'll pay nothing.


Our team is here to help! If you have any pressing questions, you can contact our friendly support team at our help desk 24/7 at We're proud to say we have the best staff in the business.

In the unlikely case that they are unable to answer your question, they'll pass your support ticket directly to John and I so we can personally take care of you.

We're here to help you, and we won't stop until you unlock the #1 High-Income Skill to start earning more revenue.

Your Partners in Business,

Matt and John Rhodes
"The Rhodes Brothers"


Get your copy of "UNLOCK THE #1 HIGH-INCOME SKILL" right now for only $2.95 and unlock your free 30 day pass to the High-Income Alliance, a $97 value. Inside this special report and the High-Income Alliance, you'll discover:

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